Excuse My Crazy

“Ugh, there you go crying again.”

“I’m tired and I don’t care.”

“Leave me alone stop talking to me, I have work in the morning and I don’t wana hear it.”

“Your a cry baby, full of drama, everyone says it, everyone talks about it.”

“There you go again saying crazy stuff that doesn’t make sense”



“You choose to argue, you choose to act crazy”

“You just want to pick a fight”

“Ughhhhhh leave me alone and don’t bother texting me tomorrow apologizing”

“You choose to be like this”

“What do you want!”

“Stop yelling and leave me alone”

“Your fine”

“Take your pills”


“Go lay down”

“Go to you mom’s house and cry to your parents”

I’m sorry I don’t know how to unload my anxiety

I’m sorry I want to Express myself so my chest doesn’t hurt, so I unleash all these tears

I’m sorry I want to tell you how I feel but you don’t know how

I’m sorry I might be irrational

I’m sorry you think I want to argue when I desperately just want to be heard and understood

I’m sorry you see me this way

I try to fight it everyday

I try to move forward and do better with my emotional instability

I’m sorry you see my crazy

I just want you to see me & keep me from drowning

3 thoughts on “Excuse My Crazy

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  1. never silence your crazy… don’t apologize for wanting to be heard, You have a voice and you have every right to speak and have emotions. Thinking irrational thoughts kind of come hand in hand with anxiety. I think with my bf and I, I still have my irrational thoughts.. and sometimes i know they are hurtful and frustrating to him, but I tell him, “something is giving me anxiety, I want to ask you something, but you wont really like it” …. we have been able to have some calm talks when I approach it that way.


    1. I do my best to approach it the same way, but I have decided to see a counselor again because some days I do think I’m very irrational but only because I feel theirs apart of my that trapped and I don’t know how to express it

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