Anemia, I need a new doctor!

Last Friday I received my lab results and the good news is their is no tumors in my uterus and no cervical cancer I have no idea what the period drama was about but my doctor said to just monitor it. I then received the news that my iron is getting lower (it’s been dropping […]

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My First Live Make Up Video

This business I joined is definitely pushing me to step out of my comfort zone and I love the sense of purpose it is giving me. I am definitely very self conscious, especially since I gained weight but when I started the live Facebook video and got to talking about something I’m passionate about it […]

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Seven hours in the ER.

Okay Story time! On Monday night around 7:30ish I began feeling weird, I thought maybe my blood pressure dropped (my mom has that problem and described her feeling in the past so I thought maybe that is what was happening to me) so I asked my son if he wanted a chocolate chip cookie I […]

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Month 2- Feburary

This month wasn’t really much better, I noticed that sugar is my biggest problem ESPECIALLY when I’m under a lot of stress, some people drink some smoke, me I look for sweets when I’m under stress or pressure. I have been dealing with a lot of ups and downs with my health and now my […]

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